The cloud is not pleasing to the eyes, the film is sold live Half a year after work, the cinema went through the dark hour

maintain the structure of projection equipment, the cloud is not pleasant to the eyes, and the live video is in line with the distribution of live TV products

After half a year's work, the cinema went through the dark hour

From January 24 to July 23 this year, it is the dark time for Beijing cinema practitioners. Due to the epidemic, the projector's light extinguished, and the once red and noisy cinema was forced to close. In the past six months, cinema practitioners have been passive in foreign countries. Instead, they have taken various measures to help themselves. They have tried their best to survive the danger of going to work, and at the same time, they have also actively contributed to the society. As of July 28, according to the lighthouse specialist edition, the national cinema return rate has reached 53.7%, and 99 cinemas in Beijing have returned to work. The cinema practitioners persevered and finally ushered in the moment of the big screen re lighting.

The carpet was almost damaged by too much disinfection at ordinary times Be prepared to resume trading from the day of closure For half a year, Deng Yonghong, the general manager of Capital Cinema, has repeatedly stressed this sentence with the staff. In order to resume trading at the temporary time after returning to work, many cinemas choose to close down and do their usual maintenance work well.

We do all the things we should do in the cinema every day. We kill them every day. We touch them at will Yu Chao Leyan, deputy general manager of the Capital Cinema, said that due to the frequent cleaning work, the carpet in the cinema was almost damaged by disinfectant.

is the most central equipment in the cinema. The projection equipment can not be shut down for a long time. It must be powered on every one or two days. Is the lottery software reliable? Otherwise, it is easy to cause failure if it is turned on suddenly. Equipment testing, maintenance and maintenance 500 lottery software is reliable, become a required course for cinemas during the period of suspension. At least twice a week, Qiao tingsheng, the projection manager of the cinema, takes the projectionists into and out of the projection equipment at least twice a week. Is it reliable to test the 500 lottery software? Check whether the picture and sound are normal, so as to prevent summer tide. The projectionists sitting behind the machines are actually the cinema practitioners who have been with the cinema for the longest time. They come to the scene one day before the first screening of the film every day and turn on the machine. During the screening process, they will monitor and monitor the inside information of the cinema in real time and deal with all kinds of unexpected projection accidents. When the town day shows are over, they have to cool down the equipment, Do a good job in the transmission of the next day's film, it is often morning when the work is over.

In the past six months since his retirement, when Qiao tingsheng sits in front of the monitoring room and looks at a foreigner in seven cinemas, he feels uncomfortable. Now he finally returns to work. He is more happy than anyone when he sees more people coming in and sitting down.

innovation online sales, exhibition busy

Although the cinema is closed, the practitioners can't stop their work. They try their best to open up a variety of channels to expand the cinema business and train their internal skills to improve their professional skills. Li Xu, manager of Tian'an store of poly studios, said frankly that during the suspension period, in addition to the usual duty and inspection, he was really busy with a lot of things.

There are two fan groups in our store, with a total number of nearly 1000. During the closing period, we also need to do a good job in maintaining the fans. For example, we will do some interaction in the group every week, such as film quiz and game, award-winning Q & A, and publicize some inflammatory movies During this period, the cinema also organized two online cloud unpleasant film campaigns, showing the films \ Poly Group has its own performance company. Cinemas take advantage of this opportunity to do a good job in the early stage planning and form the internal linkage mechanism of the brand. \ In addition to this, Li Xu and colleagues also used this time to add various training and learning programs to the company's structure online. \ \ The

was matched to give lectures and volunteer to participate in anti epidemic

In addition to doing their own work well, cinema practitioners also actively open and match, and participate in various public good sports.

Liu Jianxin, who now runs three cinemas in hand, has been in business for more than 20 years. With his love for the film industry and his hard work in research, he has made many cinemas on the verge of closure materialize for the first time. Liu Jianxin not only likes to do theater management, but also does not like to observe and study the business. He may not be able to clean up and analyze various kinds of news and write articles. Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of dry goods. During the epidemic period, in order to build up the belief for the comrades and help them tide over the danger, he gave lectures on several live broadcasting platforms to study and judge the phenomenon of going out of business and explain the operation knowledge of cinemas to cinema practitioners all over the country. After seven or eight live broadcasts, more than 4000 practitioners have listened to his lectures.

\ In March this year, Liu Jianxin developed a new cinema in Tianjin at a more favorable price. He said that he planned to build it into a high-end cinema with leather sofa configuration.

Wu Wei, manager of the project management department of Capital Cinema, took the initiative to sign up during the end of work, rushing to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, and became a volunteer for transporting Hubei returnees to Beijing, ensuring that most of the 3143 returning to Beijing returned home in peace.

\ Wu Wei's dedication also inspired his colleagues. As of July 30, the capital cinema has organized 24 groups, 49 people and 72 person times of Party members and groups to participate in community epidemic prevention and control work, which shows the responsibility of filmmakers.

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